VOLTA – Industrial Sound Design

Experience the cutting-edge sounds of VOLTA and unleash a new dimension of industrial sound design. With unique signature effects and the raw power of unprocessed recordings, VOLTA offers a sonic journey like no other. 

This extraordinary collection, created by SampleTraxx and Si Begg, pushes boundaries and creates an abrasive aesthetic by capturing live recordings of bespoke instruments and organic sounds, resulting in a new class of sonic elements.

With a total of 380+ sounds, VOLTA offers two distinct folders: Designed and Raw.

Within the DESIGNED folder, you will discover a treasure trove of signature sound effects. These sounds have been crafted using extended techniques, such as Ebows, contact mics, transducer mic feedback, bowed wires, broken guitars, friction mallets, 2-meter cardboard tubes, huge steel sheets, and a plethora of indescribable custom-made instruments.

Each sound in this folder bears the unique imprint of innovation and experimentation, offering you a sonic palette that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The RAW folder contains the original recordings in their unaltered form. These raw recordings have been thoughtfully edited and mastered to perfectly complement the designed sounds.

By including the unprocessed versions, VOLTA empowers you with an exclusive sonic arsenal that cannot be found anywhere else. This folder allows you to dive deeper into the essence of each recording, providing unparalleled creative possibilities.

Included in WINTER Bundle


  • 1.6Gb of content
  • • 380 Wav sounds 48/24
  • • Designed – 280 Wav sounds 
  • • Raw – 100 Wav sounds
  • • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • • For a multi-user license contact us here
  • • Immediate fast download