HAVOC – Demonic Strings

HAVOC – Demonic Strings

Add a visceral impact to your horror productions with HAVOC, our latest sample pack centered around the chaotic nature of string instruments that are more than just musical instruments.

HAVOC offers demonic miniatures of violin, cello and double bass, with a set of over 190+ sinister strings and designed elements.

Featuring discordant and dissonant string phrases and demonic strings, ominous fingering and knock, grinding noises morphing into door squeaks, string textures that mimic the sounds of a swarm, rattling sounds emanating from the strings and more.

Designed for sound artists and composers, HAVOC is ideal for scenes of possession and supernatural horror, defying traditional musical conventions.

Create a sense of disorder with a variety of sounds that emphasise the raw, intense and chaotic nature of horror sound design, keeping your audience locked to the screen.


  • 190+ WAV samples 48/24
  • 245 Mb of content
  • 18 Categories
  • 15 Kontakt Instuments
  • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • For multiuser license please contact us here
  • Immediate fast download


  • Texture Swarm
  • Unmusical Phrase
  • Cello and Violin Dive
  • Cello Noise and Doors
  • Cello Trumpet
  • Demonic Strings
  • Double Bass Thump
  • Eerie Bow Resonance
  • Empty Pluck
  • Fast Bow Resonance
  • Fingers and Knocks
  • Grinding Fast Bow
  • Haunting Bow
  • Low Stroke
  • Jetez
  • Double Bass Low Boom
  • Morose Bowing
  • Reverse