Abstract Keys – Signature Piano Sound Effects

The sound of the piano is an eternal vessel for artistic expression and when played in unconventional manners, it can produce amazing tones and timbres for music and sound design.

For this collection we have recorded a 1972 Seiler piano that wasn’t in perfect condition using an array of objects for plucking, scratching, scraping, conventional keyboard techniques, unconventional manipulation of the strings and all sorts of weird treatments.

Featuring aged and off-key piano tones, dissonant strings, nocturnal piano, huge impact of atonal clusters and slamming effects, reversed piano, phrases and loops, aleatoric string patterns and more.

A variety of sounds that cover the entire song structure. 

Create intros, midpoints and endings with 500+ ready-to-use signature elements and enjoy the vast possibilities of piano sound design.

“Abstract Keys combine both the elegance of the piano with a forward-thinking creative process, to bring you something truly unique”.


  • 500+ Wav sounds 48/24
  • Key and Bpm Information
  • 19 Categories
  • 1.3 Gb of audio content 
  • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • For a multi-user license contact us here
  • Immediate fast download


  • Abstract Piano
  • Harmonic Pluck
  • Incidental Stroke 
  • Cluster
  • Strum
  • Piano Stings
  • Slam Effects
  • Atmospheric and Reso
  • Bowed Strings
  • Knock
  • Random Hit
  • Percussive
  • Single String and Note
  • Loop and Phrases
  • Designed Piano Ping
  • Reverse
  • Crescendo
  • Piano Creaks
  • Whirling Strings