FRACTURE Haunting String Sound Effects

Unleash tension-filled string noises crafted with precision using violin and cello. 

This comprehensive collection offers an array of haunting sound effects, perfect for films, movie trailers, and games. Dive into the world of sinister soundscapes, abstract phrases, and tortured string effects.

Explore a diverse range of standard string techniques such as slides, glides, bends, tremolo, and sustain. But that’s not all – FRACTURE goes beyond the norm, providing you with unique and hard-to-find sound design elements like cinematic hits, risers and stutters, reverse and build-up.

Experience violins morphing into bone-chilling door screeches, as well as violin and cello played with small fans or scratched with various objects. The library offers an extensive selection of designed bends, glides, tremolos, long and short grinds, loops, ricochets, and more.

With 335 high-quality WAV sounds conveniently labeled and organized into three folders: Violin, Cello, and Designed Elements – finding the perfect sound has never been easier. Streamline your workflow and effortlessly add tension and distinctive string-based effects to your compositions.

Coming with 31 Kontakt Instruments and Multis, FRACTURE is a valuable resource for sound designers, composers, and creators seeking to evoke tension and uniqueness in their music.

Crafted from scratch by sound designer Alessandro Romeo exclusively for SampleTraxx, this exceptional library is designed to fuel your creativity and expedite your sound design process.


  • 730 Mb of audio content
  • 335 Wav sounds 48/24
  • 30+ Kontakt Instruments – Kontakt Full 5.8
  • Kontakt Free Player not supported
  • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • For a multi-user license contact us here
  • Immediate fast download



  • Abstract Phrase
  • Glide
  • Slide
  • Crescendo
  • Tremolo
  • Jetèz
  • Pluck
  • Harmonics
  • Ricochet


  • Cello Bow (Clean and Grind)
  • Sweep
  • Short Accent
  • Chugs
  • Finger Picking Fx
  • Jetèz (Clean and Grind)
  • Random Gesture
  • Texture


  • Cello and Violin Bends
  • Cinematic Hits
  • Tortured Strings
  • String Riser
  • String Reverse
  • Stingers