29 soundpacks, 7200+ Wav sounds, 26 GB of content, 300+ Kontakt Instruments

The BUNDLE BOX is a comprehensive package that combines our acclaimed bundles ARSENAL, MACABRE and the WINTER bundle in an extensive collection of soundpacks, Wav sounds, Kontakt Instruments and a huge amount of content. 

Inside the BUNDLE BOX you will find a selection of 29 soundpacks covering a wide range of genres, styles and moods, catering to musicians, producers and sound designers of all kinds. 

Whether you’re looking for cinematic trailer samples, sound design and score elements, atmospheric textures or cinematic soundscapes, the BUNDLE BOX has you covered.


  • 6 soundpacks
  • 6.2Gb of content
  • 2000+ Wav sounds
  • 47 Kontakt Instruments
  • Kontakt 5.8+ Full required
  • Kontakt Player NOT supported


  • 9 Soundpacks
  • 5.7 Gb of audio content
  • 2200+ Wav sounds
  • 86 Kontakt Instruments
  • Kontakt 5.8+ FULL required
  • Kontakt Player NOT supported


  • 14 Soundpacks
  • 14.5 Gb of audio content
  • 3000+ Wav sounds
  • 180+ Kontakt Instruments
  • Kontakt 5.8+ FULL required
  • Kontakt Player NOT supported
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