SANCTUARY was born from the idea of creating the perfect headspace for music intros, infused with unparalleled sonic motion.

Consider the delicate nuances and subtleties required to shape the initial moments of a musical piece, aiming to create an atmosphere that whispers the first notes of your story.

SANCTUARY crafts an intricate tapestry of sounds beyond conventional audio collections. It features gentle reverberations, distant echoes, mind-bending larsen, intricate textures, cinematic atmospheres and uniquely designed e-bowed instruments.

Meticulously processed recordings from diverse organic sources, including fragments of ceramic and glass, small metal elements and the resonant cracks of wood, intertwine seamlessly with traditional instruments like cello, violin and acoustic guitar played with an e-bow.

Whether you’re scoring for a film, trailer or any project where the softer side of sound takes center stage, SANCTUARY provides a rich palette for evocative introductions.

With SANCTUARY, the softer side of your music finds its perfect expression, making this collection a secret weapon when it comes to intros.


  • 1 Gb of content
  • 130 Wav sounds 48/24 with Key info and Metadata description
  • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • For a multi-user license contact us here
  • Immediate fast download


  • Ebow – Design
  • Motion Design
  • Scattered Atmospheres
  • Chaos – Distortion
  • Steady – Drones
  • Industrial Atmos
  • Abstract Motion
  • Trumpet Inferno