Single Toll Bells

Single Toll Bells presents a rare gem in the sound effects market. A compact yet precious collection of 130 bell sound effects, meticulously organised into three folders. 

Church Bells: Experience the solemn resonance of single toll church bells, perfectly suited for poignant funeral scenes in movies, trailer campaigns and score.

Hand and Mallet: Discover pristine single toll bell sounds, showcasing warm overtones. These bells have been played with varying intensities using both hands and mallets to capture a range of dynamics overtones.

Abstract Design: A dedicated folder of designed bell sound effects, broadening the creative possibilities for your projects.

Single Toll Bells is a unique collection that is hard to find elsewhere. A must-have for every professional.


  • 260 Mb of content
  • 130 Wav sounds 48/24 with Key Information
  • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • For multiuser license please contact us here
  • Immediate fast download


  • 45 Church Bells
  • 45 Warm Overtone
  • 40 Abstract Design