Raw HD-Evolution

Introducing RAW HD-EVOLUTION, our latest sound design instrument for premium cinematic music.

Explore HD-Audio raw force with deep bending, pitch shifting and extensive audio stretching.

Loaded with 500+ Wav sounds and 73 Kontakt instruments, including a wide selection of metals transformed into orchestral resonances and soloist timbres, meticulously fine-tuned to seamlessly blend with pitched instruments, all ready at your fingertips.

Experience extreme audio bending like never before with industrial impact and full clash effects, reverses and pass by, all with rich and devastating qualities and a Source folder of 192kHz sounds recorded with Sanken precision microphones.

Created by sound designer Alessandro Romeo and Czech sound recordist Lukas Tvrdon, this collaboration sets a new standard in cinematic sound design.

RAW HD-EVOLUTION is another great collection from SampleTraxx.
The included instruments are ready to play, and instantly conjure up scary spaces and evil atmospheres. The Raw 192kHz file really show what high-bandwidth mics and high sample rates can do, especially with source sounds that have so much high harmonic content.

It’s a sound designer’s playground!  If you’re into terrifying and evocative sounds, this is a must-have. Highly recommended!

Charlie Clouser – Composer SAW, Resident Evil, American Horror Story – former keyboard of Nice Inch Nails


  • 500+ Wav sounds
  • 3 Folders Pressure – Atmos – Source 192KHz
  • 240 Designed 48KHz Wav sounds
  • 24 Categories
  • 260 Sound Sources 192KHz Wav sounds
  • 40 Categories
  • 73 Kontakt Instruments
  • Kontakt 5.8+ FULL required
  • Kontakt Player NOT supported
  • 3.3Gb of audio content
  • 100% royalty-free – single-user license
  • For a multi-user license contact us here
  • Immediate fast download


  • Hit – Stingers
  • Impact – Full Clash
  • Angry Doors – Locks
  • Abandoned
  • Crunch and Burn
  • Low Clink
  • Pass By – Woosh
  • Reverse
  • Scary Signature Fx
  • Designed Wood
  • Metal Sonata
  • Metal Melancholy
  • Metal Brass
  • Evil Wood
  • Tibetan Bowl
  • Wire Drone

Source 192KHz

  • Antique/Modern Doors and Locks
  • Metal Gates
  • Natural Resonance And Vibrations
  • Organic Rumbles
  • Industrial Impacts and Rolls
  • Metal Garbage
  • Metal Squeaks and Scrapes
  • Small Objects
  • Tibetan Bowl
  • Friction Slides
  • Oxygen Spray
  • Wood Scrapes
  • Vocal Breathes
  • Deep Bass
  • Low Metal Resonation
  • Low Clink
  • Dark Acoustic Scraper