EMERGENCY – High Voltage Sound Effects

Welcome to EMERGENCY our newest sound library charged with high voltage sound effects, warning signals, chaotic electric power and more.

280 hyper detailed Wav sounds and 12 categories covering: Shockers, Cinematic Blast, Mega Alarms and Stutters, out of this world Slams+Bend, Electrified Stingers, Hi-Tech Reverse and Glitches, insane War Siren, Electric Rain Textures, Short Beep and Digital Malfunction, Sizzle Pass By, devastating Textures.

Recorded and edited by sound designer Alessandro Romeo, Emergency is for everyone needing to supercharge music and sound design projects with a wide selection of detuned alarms, warning signals, electric burst and electricity sound effects.

Create tension and danger adding extreme sound design elements in your project and shock your audience with a hi voltage sonic experience.

For trailer, electronic music, sound design, score and for all the situations when disturbing the audience is needed.


  • 700 Mb of audio content
  • 280 Wav sounds 48/24
  • 100% royalty-free, single-user license
  • For a multi-user license please contact us here
  • Immediate fast download


  • Alarm
  • Blast
  • Digital Malfunction
  • Siren – One Shot and Textures
  • Electric Flux
  • Electric Malfunction
  • Fuse Burning
  • Electric Random Events
  • Sizzle, Sparks Pass By
  • Chaotic Textures
  • Cinematic Hit – Electric Stinger
  • Hi-Tech Reverse
  • Stutters