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“Another sonically stunning library from SampleTraxx!
The SampleTraxx libraries are a secret weapon in my and many other composers arsenal to add amazing sound to our scores. Cinematic Zither does not disappoint”

Don Bodin
Award winning composer and Tv Host @SampleLibraryReview.com


Welcome to Cinematic Zither – over 2.2 Gb of audio inspired by the sounds of horror / thriller movies. Featuring 220 sound effects ranging from eerie stingers, bowed fx, drones, reverse out from one Zither.

The Zither has a natural potential to create unnerving, panic and terrific tones, suspenseful atmospheres and layers of sound can produce horror- filled shocking effects.

Cinematic Zither is ideal in horror, sci-fi, thrillers soundtrack to create a sense of urgency and unease in film score or trailer as well as raw material to any contemporary music production.

This is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and talented sound designer Sebastian Elming.

The Zither was played with fingers, bow, drum sticks, dices, metal sponge to get all possible sound and noise.For the recordings, a total of 6 mics were used: 2x Sennheiser MKH 8040 (XY), 2x Sennheiser 8040 (MS), a contact microphone and a handmade stethoscope microphone and 2 Sound Devices 702.

Release Date: March 29, 2016

Stingers – Bowed – Reverse
Hits – Ambient & Drones – Raw Recordings

2.2 Gb and 220+ Wav files 96/24 with embedded Metadata

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