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Rituals is a new toolbox of unique sounds and production elements, organic instruments and hybrid processing, highly stylized cinematic sound design to compose epic and sinister tracks with a dark and ominous mood that brings visuals to another level.

Rituals has been produced for the modern horror trailer style and suspense score with eerie violin fragments and phrases, sinister soundscapes, dramatic benders, destructive glitch, distorted synths, heavy-hitting sound design elements, clocks and much more.

Featuring 550 cutting edge sounds and 16 categories, this is a collaboration between composer, sound designer and electronic musician Si Begg and SampleTraxx.


550+ WAV samples 48/24

1.8 Gb of content

100% Royalty-Free - Single user license

For Multiuser license please contact us here



 Tortured Strings
Feedback Larsen
Horror Hits
Pulsing Sub
Tonal Objects
Dark Event
Dark Textures
Flute Swells
Horror Loops
Low Hits
Raw Synth - Bass
Spare Noise

SampleTraxx is no stranger to releasing top tier sound tools and sample libraries. They were founded in 2015 by sound design artist Alessandro Romeo, whose work has been featured in a whole host of major motion pictures, video games, and more. Some of the films and video games that have used Sampletraxx are Blade Runner 2049, War of the Planet of the Apes,  Jigsaw, Halo 5, Battlefield, Alien Covenant, Geostorm, Overwatch, and more. With this many major studio credits, one can assume how high their sound production value must be.

Steve Montgomery @samplesoundreview
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Rituals is a must-have collection for any professional sound designer that is working on dark, scary and horror projects. For an aspiring filmmaker, this is a great addition to support you in your next suspense or horror project with some excellent underlying sounds.

Thorsten Meyer @Strong Mocha
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© 2015, 2019 SampleTraxx
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VAT 08732971000

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