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MICRO HORROR Sound Effects

Brutal yet minimal horror sound effects for intense sound design, trailer cues and sound scores with ease.

Micro Horror comes with 350+ designed, ready to use signature sound effects to help youcreating horror music from scratch.

16 sound categories covering the three main sections of a horror trailer structure: INTRO, MID and CLIMAX. From subtle atmospheres and nuances to heavy peaks and everything in the middle, Micro Horror got you covered.

Micro Horror contains:

-Mangled truck horns samples, transformed into beautiful hi-mid and low orchestral sweeps and phrases, signature horns and creepy brass ensemble.

-Groaning, moaning, stressed cello sound effects, screeches, pulses and frictions.

-A complete set of large, massive yet minimal hits, boom, low hits and 808 horror sounds. 

-Hard risers and whooshes, long tonal swells, metal feedback resonances, deep sampled cymbals an Tibetan bells, stingers, micro glitches and more.

"Packed with top quality sound effects, we honestly think that you are going to love Micro Horror, for years"
870 Mb of audio content
350+ Wav sounds 48/24 with Key Information
100% royalty-free - single-user license
For a multi-user license contact us here
Immediate fast download
Micro Textures
Processed Cymbals
Cello - Stinger, Bow, Stress, Pulsing Noise, Screech
Metal Feedback
Micro Glitch
Tibetan Bowl
Tonal Stinger
Horror 808
Horror Boom
Minimal Cinematic Hit, Slam, Full Clash
Evil Stinger
Horn - Orchestral Phrases
Hard Rise
Tension Crescendo