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700+ textures, drones, cinematic soundscapes and sonic beds to create tense and uneasy dramatic pieces, dark and menacing sonic background. 
For sound designers and audio creatives at any level working in soundtracks, movie trailer and electronic music looking to create
their personal sonic signature.

4 soundpacks
7.6Gb of audio content
700+ Wav sounds

Total Bundle €136
You Save €107

Tormented hypnotic backgrounds - 1.7Gb -140 Wav - €39
Distant echoes and sequences- 1Gb - 130 Wav - €39
Evolving Soundscapes and Tension Beds - 3.5Gb - 340 Wav - €39
Designed sounds out of two six holes bamboo flutes - 1.4Gb - 100+ Wav - €19