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A collection of signature sound effects made out of real instruments, Danza Macabra features organic hits and impact, designed cello and violin bowed sound effects, dissonant piano cluster, string tuning noises, designed glockenspiel and cymbals, clock loops.

Dedicated to all professionals who are looking for creative sound design and organic sonic tension, Danza Macabra shines by its impressive sound quality and innovative sonic impact providing signature elements to create something unique, raise the tension and intensify the feelings of fear.

330+ sound effects recorded with Barcus Berry contact mic, model 4000XL Planar Wave delivered in 96/24 with top-notch sound quality, clarity and precision.

Clock Loops
Designed Cymbals and Glockenspiel
Bowed Cello and Violin
Hybrid Hits/Impacts
String Tuning Noises
Raw Source
770Mb - 330+ WAV samples 96/24
100% Royalty Free - Single user license
For Multiuser license please contact us here