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Normally €49

Ticking clocks, designed watch, large mechanism, old wooden clocks, retro rusty mechanical gears.

Create up and downtempo metronomic ticking time pass and hypnotizing ticking cues, uneasy ticking tick-tock, design gradually building clockworks, dark pulsating ticking clock, metallic clicks that build tension.

SampleTraxx Clockworks features 4 loop folders at 80-90-100-120 Bpm evolving from half note to the sixteenth note beat plus an extra folder of spare mechanicals sound effects and processed field recording. 

Create ticking variations with the new Kontakt engine.
All sounds have been looped and synced to auto-match DAW's bpm.

Visualize the Sample Waveform and control the Sample Start. Use Dynamic Sample Editing to set independently Filter, Volume, Sample Start, Pitch, and Volume Envelope for every sample, to create as many different sounds from the same source.

Use the Randomize function to achieve interesting combinations every time a key is pressed.


Wav+Kontakt 5.8 full retail version required - Player not

348 Mb of content

Loops: 207 Wav samples 48/24 - 6 Kontakt Instruments

Mechanism: 33 One-Shot Wav samples

100% Royalty-Free 

Immediate download 

Kontakt Features:

Large Waveform Display with Sample Start

3 Sample Modes - Dynamic, Static, Global

Lp - Hp Filters - Resonance with LFO

Full Velocity Switch


Random Knob

Reverb - Delay
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