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Working on both a studio album and a feature score at the same time, I couldn't believe I found a tool I could use both on the same day. Sonikscape completely changed the direction of the scene in the film I'm scoring and gave me the extra punch I needed in the album. It's is guaranteed to be a part of my arsenal from here on out.

Chris Dudley - Electronics/Keyboards Underoath, Film Composer

SONIKSCAPE is a versatile sound library for many different uses, from commercials and documentaries to Tv or film scores, movie trailers and nail-biting scene setters for moments of tension and suspense, abstract sound design for science fiction and drama.

340 WAV sounds organized in 12 categories featuring Tension Beds and Evolving Soundscapes, unusual and creative Vocal Textures, Avant-garde and experimental sonic textural and sound design, Cinematic Soundscapes, Vocal Breath Fx, Abstract Textures, Flute Soundscape and more.

Sonikscape is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and German sound designer Sebastian Emling.

340 WAV samples 48/24 
12 Categories
3.5 Gb of audio content
Single User License - EULA
For multiuser license please get in touch with us here

Cinematic Soundscape
Custom tones
Vocal Atmosphere
Bowed Cymbals
Flute Soundscape
Basic Tones
Synthetic Drones/Pads
Vocal Breath Fx
Abstract Textures
Low-End Rumble
Noise Radio
Designed Vinyl Noise/Sources

Sonikscape filelist