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For Old Broken Piano we have recorded an old piano manufactured in the 1940s by the brothers Manegold. It has not been maintained and tuned for decades, giving it a unique, dark and nostalgic sound character.
The instrument was recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair connected to a Sound Devices 702T.
MKH 8040 are microphones with extended frequency response up to 50.000 Hz, which is great if you want to further process, re-pitch or stretch audio files.

Rather unconventional approaches were used to „play“ the piano: Not a single key was touched! It was performed using a violin bow, various mallets and sticks, kitchen utensils, sticky tape and bare hands. The casing of the piano was partly taken apart to get direct access to the strings and the interior components of the instrument.

A wide array of interesting sounds have been achieved by bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. For longer resonances, the sustain pedal was pressed down during almost all recordings.

Old Broken Piano is a collabration between SampleTraxx and german sound designer Sebastian Emling.

This library is the ideal companion for any professional sound designer, trailer or film composer.

Source Recordings

Old Broken Piano features 140+ highly malleable raw sounds all recorded in pristine Wav 24/96 HD resolution which can be used as building blocks for the creation of textures, atonal - abstract, semi-musical and fantasy sound design for horror, trailer and soundtrack.

Raw Categories:
Hit String Hi-Low
Hit Wood Hand/Mallet/Fist/Stick
Pedal Creak
Scrape Horizontal-Vertical
Squeak Hi - Low
Sticky Tape

No additional processing or cleaning software has been used on source recordings.

Designed sound effects

110+ Wav 96/24 pre designed sounds:
Hit, Hi Pitch Harmonics, Kick, Sub Boom, Whoosh

Kontakt instruments and multis
A state of the art Kontakt interface take the audio material contained in the soundpack to a whole new level turning Old Broken Piano into a deep flexible tool to create a huge variety of sounds whilst still retaining the complexity of raw organic recordings.

60 Kontakt instruments and multis include:

Tempo Sync Loops, Arpeggiator - Sequencer, Atonal - AbstractPulsing Bass, Dark Keyboards, Bowed Piano, Low Depth Elements


Old Broken Piano content:

1.6 Gb of content

140+ Wav source recordings -  96/24

110+ Wav designed sounds - 96/24

60 Kontakt instruments and multis (Kontakt 5.5)

Kontakt free player NOT supported

Single user license 100% royalty free

For multi user license please contact us here
Kontakt features:

Advanced User Interface


Polyphonic Sequencer

Rhythmic Gater

Unison / Voices Stack

Hp-Lp Resonating Filters with dedicated envelope




Transient Shaper

4 Band Eq

Resonant Delay

Dual Engine Reverb

Create your own sounds