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Cinematic vocal and sound scape collection

Vocal background 
Vocal scapes
Vocal melodies
Drones - Atmospheres

2.6 Gb of content
150+ WAV Samples with Key informations
152 Kontakt Instruments


Vocal Textures - Soundscapes - Drones

Dense and suspenseful vocal textures, vocal scapes and abstract melodies, STIGMA is a modern sound pack and kontakt instrument aiming at creation of vocal atmospheres and cinematic background for sound design, soundtrack and electronic music projects.

STIGMA comes in two parts.
The first one is a designed collection of male/female, choirs, abstract/mutant vocals with key information all recorded and edited in 96/24 resolution and ready to be used in your sound design, music projects, movie trailers and soundscore.

The second part of STIGMA is a set of “atmosphere&drone” comprising low beds, textures, pitch soundscapes which perfectly fit in audio for movies, audio installation and where dark and suspenseful mood is needed.

On top of that STIGMA comes in Kontakt format too with custom GUI to get access to adsr, hp-lp filters/resonance, pan and volume. Wav samples have been looped and mapped out to 152 Kontakt patches.

For modern sound design, soundtrack and electronic music STIGMA is a valuable vocal collection to be added to any sound database.

Designed phrases
Vocal Textures -
Vocal Scapes


Format: WAV + Kontakt 5.5 Full version required (Free player not supported)

Content: 2.6 Gb - 150+ WAV sample 96/24 with Key Information

Kontakt: 152 Instruments

Custom GUI - Adsr, hp-lp filters/resonance, pan and volume realtime control

Single user, 100% Royalty free

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