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An extensive set of inspiring sonic material based on metallic sources for sound design and score.
Harmonics is a collection of  designed metalscapes, textures, designed elements, hits, passby, reverse and evolving drone all made out from a vast range of metallic sources and field recording.
A tools box for trailer and soundtrack composer, sound design and film scoring ready to be used in Kontakt and Wav.

Textures (dur. up to 1’10")
Designed Metal Elements
Evolving Soundscapes and Drones
Pass-by Reverse
Tibetan Bowl

Format: Wav 96/24- Kontakt 5.5 Full version required (Free player not supported)

Content: 1.5 Gb - 168 .Wav samples 96/24

8 Kontakt Instruments - Kontakt 5.5 full required

Dedicated GUI via Photosynthesis Engine - Realtime filters, adsr envelope, gater, effects and master section

Instant Playability

License: Single user, 100% Royalty free

Web design: devartstudio.com