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SampleTraxx is proud to present HARMONICS, a new designed sound collection that explores the inner beauty of resonating metals to create an extensive set of inspiring sonic material for sound design and film scoring.

Metal happens to have the right combination of speed of sound and decay. Different metal shapes produce a broad spectrum of soundscapes and tones.

HARMONICS investigates this hidden magic by designing and layering these unique timbres.
The result is an extensive set of designed evolving textures and designed metal elements which are great to create sound cues in minutes, metal hits,  passby-reverses and evolving drones.

The nature of this soundpack doesn’t call for compressor or maximizer. Close attention has been paid to preserve the original dynamic excursion of each sound and fully enjoy its natural vibration and evolution.   
Having a wide dynamic range guarantees more freedom in layering and arranging different elements to create endless variations.

The sonic material contained in the pack is all presented in a designed fashion and different levels of design are provided: from simple elements to evolving multilayered soundscapes and textures, all based on metallic sources. No external sounds apart from metals have been added to the mix.

86 Designed Textures and Elements (dur. up to 1’10")
37 Hits  (Hi and Low Designed Hits)
10 Drones
26 Pass-by Reverse
9  Tibetan Bowl (Raw Recordings)

1.5 Gb - 168 .Wav samples 96/24
9 Kontakt Instruments-version 5.5 full required  (free player not supported)

Artwork Sam Hayles - Dose Production
Release date: 13/4/2017
Web design: devartstudio.com