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Add infinite emotion to your music and sound design projects with an extensive set of inspiring sonic material based on a wide range of resonating metals and pure harmonic tones.

is a collection of mysterious soundscapes, textures, atonal and microtonal elements, deep evolving drones.

Harmonics comes in Kontakt and Wav format and is totally designed for soundtrack composer, audio artist and video games sound designer.

Get the free additional Kontakt expansion pack1 containing 40 new multis to explore the wide range of sound shaping possibilities offered by this amazing soundpack.

Metal Textures
Designed Metal Elements
Evolving Soundscapes and Drones
Pass-by Reverse
Tibetan Bowl
Metal Hits

Kontakt expansion pack1
Feedback and Larsen
Designed Tibetan Bowls


The Kontakt Photosynthesis Engine features:

13 Effects
Step sequencer
Filter sequencer
Multimode Filters with envelope
2 filter LFOs
Gain/Pan/Pitch LFOs
ADSR envelope
Master section


Format: Wav 96/24 - Kontakt 5.5 Full version required (Free player not supported)

Content: 1.5 Gb - 168 Wav samples 96/24

8 Kontakt Instruments + 40 free Kontakt multis (expansion pack1)

Instant download and usability

Dedicated Kontakt GUI via Photosynthesis Engine

License: Single user, 100% Royalty free

For multiuser license please contact us here

Caverns, crystalline worlds, and bowed metallic landscapes popped into my mind’s eye with these auditory queues.
This sample pack is geared towards the sound design and multimedia ambiance design, but also would be a fantastic tool for sound art and more Avant Garde pieces.

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