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“I was looking for a great flute FX library, the production quality & unique beds in FantaFlute went above and beyond my expectations”

Jon Aschalew – ambient music designer
Transformers 4, Bourne Legacy, Fantastic Beasts


FantaFlute is a collection of designed flute Phrases and Beds made with a couple of six-hole Bamboo Flutes.
The idea was to enrich the sound of raw flute and create a designed collection to add a meditative and exotic touch to music tracks and sound design projects.

The flutes used for the recording are in Key of “E” and the whole sound pack is in “E” and relative tuning.
During the recording and designing sessions a particular attention has been kept on the air noise that is fundamental to define a solid flute sound that perfectly cut through every mix.

Flutes have been recorded first playing phrases with a single one and then playing two flutes at the same time to enrich the frequency spectrum and create complex and articulated phrases and sequences.


55 Hi Pitch Melodic Phrases which work great in complex music arrangements
38 Low Pitch Melodic Phrases for intros, outros and to set the mood of a track
13 Flute Beds evolving beds that range between 27  to 110 seconds in lenght


1.2 Gb content - 106 Wav samples 96/24 with Metadata
4 Kontakt Instruments (Kontakt 5.5 full version required-FantaFlute will not run in Kontakt free player)
Release Date: May 13, 2016
Web design: devartstudio.com