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FantaFlute has been updated to version 1.1

FantaFlute is a sound collection of designed phrases, textures and beds all made out from a couple of six holes bamboo flutes and is now supported by a dedicated Kontakt GUI based on photosynthesis engine.

The new Kontakt version of FantaFlute is a sound design instrument based on flute sounds and specifically created for sound designer and composer who work in cinematic underscore, music-effects sound design and ambient music.

Kontakt playability has been improved with full control over the sample start position via Mod Wheel. Now you can add variations to your performance just rotating the mod wheel to “scan and play ” every portion of the sample on the fly. This incredibly boost your performance to a whole new level.

Get full access to filters, adsr envelope, gater, effects and master section via dedicated Kontakt GUI.


106 designed .Wav samples 96/24 in 3 categories:
55 Hi Pitch Melodic Phrases
38 Low Pitch Melodic Phtrases
13 Flute Beds and Textures

4 Kontakt 5.5.0+ Instruments FULL RETAIL (Free Kontakt Player not supported)

Sample start position via Mod Wheel

Full access to parameters via Kontakt GUI interface

Artwork: Sam Hayles - Dose Production
Release Date: May 13, 2016
Update: June 8, 2017
 "I was looking for a great flute FX library, the production quality & unique beds in FantaFlute went above and beyond my expectations"

Jon Aschalew
Transformers 4, Bourne Legacy, Fantastic Beasts
Web design: devartstudio.com