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Cinematic Dark Sound Design

Hit-Impacts, Stingers, One Shot and Dark Percussive Elements.

1+GB – 260 Wav samples 96/24

10 Kontakt Instruments
Out of all the sample packs out there, Doom brings fresh new ideas to the table, instantly usable!

Charles Deenen, Sound Designer - Source Sound


Designed Impacts – Dark Percussive Elements

DOOM features 1Gb of Dark Cutting Edge Sound Design, Cinematic Percussive Elements, Trailer Hits, One Shot Tones for the modern soundtrack, sound design and electronic music.

Delivering 100% Organic Sound Design and 260 samples all made out from unusual sources, field recording and real instruments DOOM is a true sonic signature in your sound design or music projects when you want to build tension or dramatic percussive sound design.

Speed up your workflow and design new sonic impacts, hits and accent by layering the Elements contained in the soundpack or using the Designed sounds for immediate sonic results.

DOOM has been completely recorded and designed in pristine 96Khz-24bit resolution which allows you to fully enjoy the HD sound and wich is ideal if you want to re-pitch and re-stretch the sounds for further manipulation.

The sounds are ready to be used as WAV Samples straight in your DAW or to be played in Kontakt.

DOOM is organized in 9 Categories for fast workflow.

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