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Hi and welcome to CUSTOM TOOLS, the latest sound pack from SampleTraxx consisting of 570+ specific elements for hi-tech horror score and trailer music.

1.5 Gb of aggressive and disturbing material organised in 15 categories of unique and hyper detailed sound effects that you will not find elsewhere to be used by soundtrack composer, sound designer, sound editors and cutting edge electronic music producers.

Just drag and drop in your DAW or sampler of your choice and start immediately composing or creating your own sound design. We payed attention not to over-design the sounds in Custom Tools, which means maximum freedom when composing or creating your own sound design.

Custom Tools is about impactful cinematic sounds with giant slams, tension builders, rises and crescendos up to 90 seconds, musical hi and low pitch pings, ominous atmospheres, pulsing subs, braams elements, shockers and blasts, eerie stingers, sub sonic textures and atmospheres, ramp up and whooshes, cristalline larsen and disturbing feedbacks, drops, glitch, synth bends and more.

All the sounds come in WAV format 48/24 resolution and have been treated with different amount of distortion to guarantee a perfect time stretch and pitch shift while keeping clarity and precision.

Custom Tools is a great companion where film standard sound is required to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs.

Our sounds are 100% royalty free and comes with a single user license. For multiuser license please contact us here.

CUSTOM TOOLS file list


Stingers Whoosh Ramp Up
Atmospheric Low Ping
Larsen Feedback
Musical Ping and Tonal SoftHits
Megakicks Cinematic Hits Slam Impacts
Blast Blow Up
Sub Shadow Sequences - Sub Sonic Elements
Braams Intros SynthBend
Rise - up to 90 seconds
Ambience Sonic Aura
Field Recording
Noise Burst Sparks - Grounded Electric Impacts
Filters and Tones
Abstract Glitch Stutters Choppers

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© 2015, 2018 SampleTraxx
All right reserved | Privacy & Cookies Policy
VAT 08732971000

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